Same Sex Wedding Packages

For our same sex wedding packages we currently offer two wedding ceremony options.

The first same sex wedding package is our most popular and is a Secular (non-religious) ceremony. This is a recognizable western style ceremony with a few Thai touches and inspirations to make the ceremony something a little different from the norm.

The second same sex wedding package is a Secular and Buddhist combination. This package combines the western ceremony, with exchange of vows and rings which is what most people expect from a wedding ceremony, together with the intricacies and elements of a traditional Buddhist ceremony. The Buddhist ceremony is conducted by monks in the ancient Pali language and involves a number of ceremonial duties including the planting of a tree, releasing of birds and a water blessing.

These same sex wedding packages are designed to include everything the two of you need for your complete wedding day experience. There's also as a comprehensive list of optional extras available to personalize and add something extra special to your special day.

These same sex wedding packages are available at both The Faraway Villa and Pawanthorn Luxury Villas.

For more information on what each package includes please click on the below links to download our Same Sex Wedding Packages (PDF)

Secular Beach Wedding Experience PDF Same sex Secular Beach Wedding Experience

Secular Buddhist Combo Beach Wedding Experience Same sex Secular Buddhist Combo Beach Wedding Experience

Pawanthorn Luxury Villas Beach Wedding Experience 2015 Same sex Pawanthorn Luxury Villas Beach Wedding Experience

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