Are gay marriages legal in Thailand?

Will our same-sex wedding ceremony be legally recognized in our home country?

Unfortunately it is not currently possible for same-sex couples to legally marry in Thailand. However, this may not be as big an issue as you think!

The legal process for straight couples marrying in Thailand initially requires a visit to their embassies in Bangkok to obtain an affirmation of freedom to marry, and this has to take place at least six working days before the ceremony date. Some embassies also have very specific requirements that have to be met before they will issue such an affirmation. For example the French and Filipino embassies require a long stay in Thailand before the wedding and the Chinese Embassy has such an extensive list of requirements that need to be met that it can be virtually impossible to legally marry here.

With embassies such as the British, Australian, US and most of Europe the process is very easy but normally quite a bit more expensive than legally marrying in any of those countries.

Not all couples can accommodate the visit to Bangkok or the specific requirements laid down by their embassies and many are on a strict wedding budget. Therefore a large number of people who marry here actually have their legal ceremony in their own countries before or after their symbolic wedding ceremony in Thailand. At the moment this would have to be the case for all same –sex couples.

It is believed that same-sex weddings may be legalized in the near future but until that date all same-sex ceremonies would be symbolic only.

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