Is Thailand same sex friendly?

In general Thai people are one of the most tolerant races on the planet. One walk through the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui will show you that people of all backgrounds, nationalities, religions and sexual preferences are all welcomed and integrated in everyday life. Thai TV is a classic example of this as most programs, especially soap operas, feature gay or transgender characters as this accurately reflects the Thai society.

Whilst the Thai people are welcoming and accepting of everyone, and can be seen as being ahead of many other countries with this open and honest attitude, unfortunately the legal system does not necessarily concur with this outlook. The law will eventually catch up, but as yet it is still not possible for same sex couples to legally marry in Thailand. This is actually not a major impediment or deterrent for couples wanting to experience a Thailand beach wedding. In fact the vast majority of opposite sex couples who have their marriage in Thailand actually have their legal wedding performed in their own countries. This is mainly due to the inconvenience of having to attend embassies in Bangkok and completing the legal process, but also due to restrictions and requirements placed on certain nationalities by their embassies. For example; the French and Filipino embassies require nationals from those countries to be in the Kingdom of Thailand for an extended period of time before a wedding can take place. Others such as the Chinese Embassy, have such an extensive list of requirements to allow you to marry in Thailand that in lots of cases it’s just easier to do this in your own country.

Thailand is a same sex friendly country for visitors and therefore should be an extremely attractive wedding destination for same sex couples. However, some further research may be required before you go ahead and make a booking. As a longstanding wedding planning company based in Thailand we have never come across a resort which wasn’t same sex friendly in terms of accommodation. But there are still some that would not allow a same sex wedding ceremony at their property, this may seem somewhat hypocritical but it is a fact to be aware of when considering your perfect wedding venue. At Faraway Weddings we only arrange weddings at our own private villa venues and we are actually encouraging and promoting same sex weddings at these venues by launching www,gayweddingthailand.com.

To summarize, same sex couples and wedding parties can expect a fun filled trip and memorable wedding ¬†without fear of discrimination and therefore, if you’re looking for a unique beach wedding experience then Thailand, and specifically Faraway Weddings on the island of Koh Samui, are here to provide a stress free wedding planning experience for you!


Richard Hartigan
General Manager
Faraway Weddings

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Richard Hartigan


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