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Recently at Faraway Weddings we’ve had an increase in inquires for same sex marriages and welcome the opportunity to work with couples from all demographics and lifestyles. Up to this point we’ve had the opportunity to plan a handful of same sex marriages and are very excited to see the continuous growth in same sex couples interested in marrying here on Koh Samui.  In the past few years we’ve gained more experience with the unique elements of same sex weddings and we are continuing to learn with each new wedding.

Over the years our company has evolved to meet the constantly changing demands of clients seeking a destination wedding in Thailand.

However, whilst arranging same sex weddings we noticed a number of potentially embarrassing issues in relation to our websites and our unique online wedding tools. There were so many references to the bride and groom, the bridal party, the groom’s room etc so to cater specifically to this ever growing market we have now launched www.gayweddingthailand.com

This is another company development to reflect our dedication to detail and to make the whole wedding experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We are not claiming to be experts in this specific field of wedding planning, but we do have experience of same sex weddings and our extensive wedding planning experience is second to none after successfully arranging over 1,000 weddings between 2004 and today.

Each wedding is unique and each couple has their own special touches and personalities to add to their big day. We welcome any suggestions from couples, same sex or otherwise, to help make their wedding as special as possible. So, when working with your wedding planner, please feel free to share your suggestions and ideas for making your day as memorable as possible.

We are happy to provide the traditional beach wedding style or we are happy to accommodate new ideas and traditions. Our Secular Beach Wedding and Buddhist and Secular Combo Wedding experiences are available to same sex couples but please keep in mind that a legal same sex marriage cannot be done in Thailand at this time. However couples are free to complete the legal ceremony in their home country and enjoy their celebration here on the beautiful beaches of Koh Samui.

Our two private villa venues are perfect for same sex weddings and are tried and tested locations.

Koh Samui is a beautiful destination for couples from all of over the world to come to celebrate their love for one another and Faraway Weddings welcomes diversity and we hope this new website is an exciting step into the future!


Richard Hartigan
General Manager
Faraway Weddings

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Richard Hartigan


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